July 18, 2017


Chef John Torode taps into the growing popularity of Korean food in 10-part series JOHN TORODE’S KOREAN FOOD TOUR for the Good Food channel, jetting off on his culinary travels to tackle a whole new territory and range of dishes. Throughout the series John works his way through some of the nation’s top 100 dishes and then creates his own version of a Korean classic with a modern twist. 


For the uninitiated, South Korea is a beautiful assault on the senses and one that John relishes in the series. From Buddhist temples to the extraordinary craze for Mokbang (celebrities filming and broadcasting themselves eating), there’s a huge amount to see, do and eat.

Immersing himself in both traditional and modern Korea, John travels around South Korea, going into people’s homes and kitchens, enjoying the wealth and high tech splendour of Seoul to the tiny rural outposts deep in the mountains and the beach resort of Busan in the South.


The first episode kicks off in summer in Seoul where Koreans start to eat differently in this season to combat the heat. John cycles along the riverside park beside the Han River which comes alive in summer with food markets and night events.  There he discovers that one of the most common summer dishes is iced noodles, or Naengmyeon, ice cold broth with freshly made buckwheat and sweet potato noodles, so John joins Chef Matthew Chung at his favourite iced noodles restaurant.

But to keep their energy up, Koreans also eat a famous hot chicken soup during the summer.   Matthew takes John round the herb market to see the fresh ginseng used in this popular dish, and then takes him to the most well-known Samgyetang restaurant for this very special type of chicken stew.  


Back in his kitchen in Gangnam, Seoul, John makes his own versions of Korean ginseng chicken soup and iced noodles.  He ends the day going out for Patbingsu, a trendy shaved ice dessert. 

JOHN TORODE’S KOREAN FOOD TOUR is a Denham production for UKTV’s Good Food channel. It is directed by Stuart Bateup and series produced by Janice Gabriel.  The executive producer is Grace Kitto and the commissioning editor for UKTV is Victoria Summer.


UKTV has partnered with Hyundai Media in South Korea to produce the new show, which is funded by the Korean Communications Agency, known as the KCA, and UKTV.  The deal was brokered by The Bridge, fronted by Amanda Groom, and the international distributor is Argonon International.

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