October 4, 2018


Denhams’ digital team has produced a product launch film for a new electronic data capture system from K2 Medical Systems who specialise in maternity services.


The company’s latest innovation, Athena, is a user-friendly electronic way of recording the entire clinical record of women throughout their pregnancy, from ante-natal through to labour, delivery and post-natal, and is already being used in hospitals across the UK.


The content was directed and produced by Charlotte Barton and shot on location in Plymouth and Peterborough Hospital with post production completed in-house at Denhams.


K2 Medical Systems returned to Denhams’ digital team to produce the new film for their Athena system following previous content commissions it gave them for its fetal heart rate monitoring products INFANT and Guardian.


Producer and director Charlotte Barton said, “We had a lot of information to get across from a number of viewpoints so the film demonstrates how users, from clinical staff to patients themselves, can easily access all medical notes and data so that the best care can be given at source”.


Dr Robert Keith, Director, K2 Medical Systems said, “We are hugely pleased with the Athena film. Athena is a broad and complex product and Denhams have done a superb job in conveying its scope and clinical benefits both comprehensively and succinctly. The production is of highest quality and we are confident the film will have the intended major impact in our marketing campaign”.


For further information please contact:

rebecca.payne@denhams.tv 01752 345444

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