December 11, 2018



Dartmoor National Park Authority has commissioned Denhams’ digital team to produce a series of films to increase the public’s understanding of farming on Dartmoor.


The content will include a documentary that charts a year in the life of Dartmoor farmers, highlighting how farming contributes to the management and conservation of the Dartmoor National Park and also the challenges farmers face living and working there.


In addition there will be five short films designed to promote the responsible use of Dartmoor, targeting visitor behaviours which have a negative impact on farming.


Nick Dixon, Head of Digital at Denhams said, “Dartmoor faces pressures from increased visitor numbers and often a lack of understanding of how the moor is owned and managed. It’s a home and workplace and source of enjoyment for millions – but needs a shift in behaviours to make sure it retains its unique character. The Denhams team pitched a campaigning solution that is encouraging, educational and, we hope, persuasive.”


Chris Giles, Head of Conservation and Land Management from The Dartmoor National Park Authority added, “Farmers play an important role in managing Dartmoor’s landscape, we hope that these films will help visitors understand the lives of Dartmoor farmers and to encourage the responsible use of Dartmoor by the public. We look forward to working with Denhams on this project”.


For further information please contact: 01752 345 444        

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